Fort Knox Vaults

Fort Knox Vaults

Vault Configurator & Responsive E-Commerce Website

Fort Knox came to us looking for help as their previous agency had failed to deliver a solution for their online vault builder. After a few initial meetings, I got to work designing a solution. The vault builder allows the customer to configure the safe that best fits their needs, rather than just settling for a pre-packaged vault. They can custom build a safe by selecting their perfect options, security, and aesthetic.

In conjunction with the development of the vault builder, I worked on a complete overhaul of their website. Employing a cohesive solution that highlighted key features and differences that make Fort Knox a brand that stands apart from other vault manufacturers.

Roles: Art Director, Lead Designer, UI/UX Designer

Fort Knox Responsive Website Design By Alexander Hofstetter

Vault Builder

Customized Vault Configurations Based On User Input
Fort Knox Vault Builder UI/UX Design By Alexander Hofstetter


Shop & Buy Vault Accessories
Fort Knox E-Commerce Responsive Website Design By Alexander Hofstetter

2018 Product Catalog

Custom Print Catalog for Fort Knox Vaults

Modeled on the new look and feel of the website design, I designed the 2018 product catalog for Fort Knox Vaults. Extending the visual identity of the brand with a new photo shoot of their complete product lineup, using warm/cool color lights in an industrial manufacturing setting, to further differentiate the Fort Knox brand.

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