Bonneville Brewery

Bonneville Brewery

Beer Label and Package System Design

A rebrand built on heritage. Keeping with the grit of the Bonneville racing spirit and the grind of early Utah exploration, I developed hand-drawn organic illustrations that were applied to simple line elements to create motion. Clean typography and an earth tone color palate was implemented to create balance, uniformity and flexibility to the package system.

Since the new brand was launched in early 2017 the demand for bottled beers has tripled, with various bars, restaurants, and convenience stores now supplying Bonneville brews across the valley.

Roles: Art Director, Lead Designer, Illustrator

“Quality that goes all the way back to the source.”Dave Watson, Brewmaster

Bonneville Brewery Responsive Website Design By Alexander Hofstetter

Tap Design

Over 12 Unique Illustrations

In addition to designing the four packages, four labels and website, I also designed a new concept for the Bonneville taps as well as the additional 12 designs for their entire line-up of beers.

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